104: Beyond the Pickle Part 2 – More Stories of Exceptional Customer Care


In the latest episode of Biz and Life Done Well, Peter and Emily share insightful stories illustrating how businesses can significantly impact their customers with thoughtful gestures.

Emily recounts her experiences at a Boston brew pub that recognized her and her husband by name, creating a sense of belonging and community. This personal touch included customized mugs for regular patrons, underscoring the pub’s dedication to making customers feel special and valued.

Peter shares a memorable story about Kenneth Wood, owner of Woodson’s Aberdeen (Scotland), who gave away his personal gold Cross pen without hesitation to a fisherman looking for pens for his children.

Through these stories, the episode conveys a powerful message about the significance of going “beyond the pickle” – that is, exceeding customer expectations in unique and memorable ways. It serves as a testament to the impact of personalization and genuine care in fostering loyalty and making a lasting impression on customers.

We are looking for more stories of companies that “go beyond the pickle.” Send us an email podcast@bizmktg.com if you have story to share.