105: Unlocking Success: A New Era for Key Choice Commercial with Natalie Foskey


In this episode, Peter is joined by Natalie Foskey, owner of Key Choice Commercial Real Estate, and Chris Goldman from bizmktg.com. Natalie shares her unique path from her family’s farm in Canada to leading a commercial real estate business in Lynnwood, Washington. She discusses the pivotal moments of her career, including purchasing and rebranding the company to better reflect its values and direction under her leadership.
Hear about the challenges and successes of running a commercial real estate company, from property management to navigating the market shifts caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. Natalie, Peter, and Chris also dive into the importance of community, supporting local businesses, and the role of effective branding and marketing in the real estate industry. This conversation provides real insights into the business of commercial real estate, the impact of thoughtful leadership, and the journey of redefining a company’s identity.
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