Business Coaching/Consulting

Every professional benefits from professional coaching and consulting. As a business owner, you need to stay current with the ever-moving market. Having informed consultants on your team ensures you don’t get caught off-guard when the market moves or shifts. Our bizmktg team has three certified Business Coaches/Consultants ready to help you succeed. 

Certified Marketing Team of the

1-Page Marketing Plan

The 1-Page Marketing Plan has revolutionized millions of businesses around the globe by breaking down confusing, overwhelming marketing into a simple one page game plan. The bizmktg team features three certified coaches/consultants trained by Allan Dib and the SuccessWise trainers. 


Coming May, 2024

The Lean Marketing Movement

The author of the 1-Page Marketing Plan writes, “The lean movement has transformed manufacturing and is now revolutionizing marketing. Small, medium, and large businesses are getting bigger and better results with less marketing.” ~ Allan Dib
You deserve better marketing, not just more marketing. We know every dime makes a difference. Our goal for your business is more leads, more profit, and strategic marketing.


Chris Goldman

Certified as a StoryBrand Guide (2018 – 2020), Life-Coach (2011 – present), Business Made Simple Certified Coach (2020-2021), and a 1 Page Marketing Plan Certified Business Coach (2022 – present), Goldman brings more than 35 years of communication and leadership expertise to help you optimize the leader, person, owner, or consultant you want to be. He serves as a coach and strategist for business owners, directors, and organizational leaders.

“Chris Goldman was the brains behind the rebranding of our business this past summer 2020. I met Chris and at a business owner’s event in January 2020. I felt compelled to contact them when a potential client commented that he pulled up my website but couldn’t figure out what we did. Chris coached my team through a Strategy Session in order to establish the context for the rebranding and direction for the new website. During the past several years I also knew we to rename the business, but I was at a loss as to what that name should be. I discussed the dilemma with Chris a couple of times and he suggested that he set-up a virtual brainstorm session with other professionals in the marketing world, and in my industry. Through that meeting and consulting I was able to make the final decision regarding our new name, new logo, new website, and new tag line. During this journey, Chris was a consistent source of encouragement and was great at asking the hard questions (and helping me discover the answers). Since the rebranding and the development of the new website, we have seen an increase in inquiries which have ultimately resulted in revenue. Chris Goldman and the bizmktg ream were the highlights for me during the challenging year of Covid.”
Natalie Foskey
Key Choice Commercial Real Estate


The Greatest Leaders Value Coaching

Tiger, and Pete all share a high value for coaching. They also share a common bond as exceptional athletes (yes, even Pete Carroll was a player before becoming a coach). And yet, business leaders have realized the same importance. Tony Robbins says, ““Everyone needs a coach, whether it’s a top level executive, a graduate student, a homemaker, a homeless person or the President of the United States.” When you make an investment in business, life, or leadership coaching, you’re making an investment in every person you live and work with. You’ll become a better leader, better owner, and a better human as you grow into your potential.


Creating Your Marketing Message


Strategy Session

Book your team strategy session to clarify Your Marketing Message.


Clarify Your Message

Work with us to clarify your message and marketing strategies. 


Compete & Win

Learn to compete and win in the online marketplace as you build and grow.


Strategic Marketing Session

Often, your team needs long-term coaching…but is facing an immediate need to improve with marketing and messaging. A Team Strategy Session focusing on Your Marketing Message is a great place to start. During this strategy session (2-4 hours), your team will work together with our Certified Business Coach on core messaging and marketing strategies. You’ll get a feel for the kind of dynamic team your company might experience with ongoing team coaching or one-on-one coaching. The Strategic Marketing Session is fun, exciting, creates energy for your team, and gets your message clarified for the future. (Available online or in person).



Alan Dib’s, “1-Page Marketing Plan” shot to the top of the marketing charts for one basic reason: Less is more when it comes to seeing your marketing strategy. 

Our certified team of coaches will help you develop, refine, and launch a marketing strategy that can be seen and understood on one page. This allows owners and teams to remember the core flow and focus of your marketing strategy.