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Take Our 2023 Business Outlook Survey

Thursday, October 20th
The team at wants to know how your business is doing now and your outlook for 2023. We have created a brief confidential survey to collect feedback from business Read More >

How to Deal with Fake Reviews

Wednesday, September 14th
Fake reviews can cause a big problem for many businesses. Whether these reviews are spam reviews or are reviews that are not meant for your business, if the review is Read More >
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Five Years Ago…

Thursday, September 1st
Yesterday I removed the remaining items from's Edmonds office as our five year lease expired. Our company is now officially 100% virtual, although, we have effectively been virtual for the Read More >

Great Marketing Isn’t Cheap

Thursday, July 28th
Why Authenticity Matters in the Marketing World For some business owners, talking about marketing feels deceptive and dirty. They expect to hear how to manipulate customers, develop cheap slogans, or Read More >