3 Marketing Tips to Start 2020

Tuesday, February 4th
Social Tip Organic vs. Paid Social Media. What is organic social media? These are posts that show up on your pages (Facebook or Instagram) but do not get much reach and are not shown to many people as they are not paid for. Organic is important for showing that you are active on social media… [ Read More ]

Your Story in 2020

Tuesday, February 4th
Telling stories is how we communicate. We think about our lives as a story that’s constantly unfolding and still being written. People talk about starting a, “new chapter in life.” When asked about our day, we don’t share a time-log, we tell stories.  As business owners we need to pay attention to two stories in… [ Read More ]

A Winning Business in 2020

Tuesday, February 4th
Start Right & Finish Strong The Seattle Seahawks are known for finishing strong. However, they’re also known for starting slow, digging a deep hole, and taking the first half to get going. A theme heading into the 2020 off-season is this: Start Right, Finish Strong. Going into a new year, this is good advice for… [ Read More ]

LeBron Needs Coaching…So Do You

Monday, December 2nd
Three kinds of coaching every leader needs Every elite athlete in the world has a coach. Think about it. Serena Williams is arguably the greatest tennis player in the world, and she has a coach. Michael Jordan played at a level the world had never seen, and he always had a coach. In an effort… [ Read More ]

Clever, Cute, or Clear?

Friday, November 15th
When it comes to your brand’s message, clarity must come first. When it comes to marketing, companies and organizations tend to get clever and cute before they get clear. Why? Because we pay attention to clever and cute. Let’s admit it, we like funny. Think about the ad campaigns you can remember. Maybe it’s the… [ Read More ]

Chiropractor In Mill Creek Notes National Chiropractic Health Month

Tuesday, October 15th
National Chiropractic Health month is observed annually in October. Our client, Innovative Chiropractic, your local Mill Creek chiropractor, wants you to experience increased strength and stability in your musculoskeletal system, especially this month. Why Chiropractic Health Month? A Doctor of Chiropractic (DC) uses hands-on methods to treat hundreds of conditions. By focusing on keeping your… [ Read More ]

The Jay Abraham Story – A Must See Documentary

Thursday, June 27th
Have you heard of Jay Abraham? If not, you must watch this fascinating and inspiring documentary on his work. Jay is a true sales and marketing genius. He works with leaders of top companies like FEDEX to help them figure out better ways to do business. I especially like Jay's mantra of making the most… [ Read More ]

June 2019 Digital Marketing Newsletter

Monday, June 17th
Welcome to the first monthly installment of the Video Newsletter. Each month we'll share trends in marketing that we feel are important for businesses to know about. We'll also let you know what's new in our world and even drop a few surprises on you. Feel free to pass this along to your friends… [ Read More ]

The Biz and Life Done Well with Peter Wilson Podcast is now live

Thursday, October 18th is happy to announce that the "Biz and Life Done Well with Peter Wilson" podcast is now live with three episodes available today and new episodes being released weekly on Friday mornings. The Podcast Website: Apple iTunes - Listen on Apple Podcast/iTunes Spotify - Listen on Spotify Google Play - Listen on Google Play… [ Read More ]