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Is Your Advertising Working?

Thursday, February 11th
Half the money I spend on advertising is wasted; the trouble is I don’t know which half.John Wanamaker John Wanamaker was a successful businessman in the early 1900’s who started Read More >

Business Made Simple

Thursday, February 4th
Book Review & FREE BOOK OFFER (for the first 30 registrants) Donald Miller’s newest business book, “Business Made Simple.” was released two weeks ago (January of 2021). The book is Read More >

Could a Caveman Use Your Website?

Thursday, January 28th
Take a look at your website and ask yourself:  Could a caveman figure it out?  If you're not confident that a caveman with no web experience could navigate and understand Read More >

SEO Audits… So What?

Monday, November 9th
For most companies, their search engine optimization (SEO) journey starts with an SEO audit. What’s the big deal about an audit, and why do we recommend everyone start by doing Read More >