“Appeal Required for Facebook Ad Account Suspension”? THINK AGAIN

Lately, we’ve observed a fresh surge in spam emails claiming to originate from Facebook or Meta. Although we’ve addressed this issue in several blog posts in the past, we think it’s important to reiterate some strategies to safeguard your information. We’ll do this by dissecting a sample of a spam email that one of our clients has recently received:

  1. Look at the “From” email address. As you can see, this email: metahelpdesksupportnoreplay@1cyn7uuw3ygd4ad3gblmyoetrc2f8o8ug4uxi8t2kttstinr31.6e-ru7jeaa.na170.case.salesforce.com is gibberish. Facebook (or META) would NOT send you an email from an email address like this. 
  1. Never click on the link in an email. If you hover over the link in the email, you can see that it doesn’t match the link in the body of the email. This link is how they will steal your information. It may look like you are logging into Facebook, but you will be logging into one of their phishing sites that will steal your login credentials or more.
  1. If you are advertising on Facebook, you will get emails from “Meta for Business” rather than the “Facebook Ads Team”.
  2. Separately log in to your Facebook account. Do not click the link but rather open a new tab and open up your Meta business account. Check to make sure your ads are running as usual. If there was an issue with your ads account, it would show up on Meta.

If you are ever hesitant if an email you receive is spam or not, contact us at support@bizmktg.com and we will be happy to assist you.

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