Is This Facebook Email Real? Our 5-Point Checklist

Scammers love hacking Facebook accounts. Facebook is full of personal information that scammers want. These people may even use your account to get people you know to send them money. When it comes to hacking a business account, it can be even more dangerous. You could lose access to your business account while the scammer enjoys making your business look bad or even spending money with your credit card! If someone hacks your personal account and you are connected to your business account, both your personal account and your business are in danger.

Facebook scammers use tagged posts or send you emails with links that look real to try to get you to log in with your account information. Once they gather this information, they are able to hack your account and cause you real harm.

But how do you know what is real from Facebook and what isn’t? 

Download our 5-point checklist here to see if the email you received from Facebook is real and how you can protect your accounts from getting hacked.