Does Content Marketing Matter For My Business?

Why and How Content Marketing Can Help Your Business

Does content marketing stress you out? Are you constantly feeling like your business cannot keep up with the ever-changing requirements of “good” content? Organic content can often fall flat and not get much attention, so why should your business continue to do it? 

In the age of Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, YouTube, LinkedIn, and more, how does your business stand out? How much effort should you put into keeping your social media up to date?

Why should your business care about content marketing?

Hootsuite’s 2022 trend report found that 53.2% of global internet users ages 16-24 use social networks as their primary source of information when researching brands. This may be a younger target market than your business is trying to cater to, but it still shows the importance of showing up on social media.

When someone is searching for your business on social media, they expect it to be recently updated, have accurate information, and show them how to contact you. If your business’s Instagram hasn’t been updated since 2016, potential customers could believe that your business is not currently active. This is a huge problem! Even occasional updates to your business’s social media pages shows that your business is relevant and up and running. 

How can your business keep up with social media?

Here at, we actually don’t believe every business needs to spend hours upon hours creating unique TikToks and trying to get millions of views. We believe in consistency and accurate representation of your business. Here are some tips for keeping up with social media:

Don’t get overwhelmed by the need to keep up.

Posting consistent updates, tips and blog posts is a great way to have a steady social media presence. 

Don’t worry about the numbers. If your content is not getting a lot of attention (likes), don’t stress! Keeping up with the content is what is essential for small businesses. Facebook and Instagram have made it tough to get much of an organic (non-paid) audience, but that’s okay! Your potential customers and current customers will be able to go to your pages and see that your business is posting and active. Posting 10x per month is more than enough to show that you are active on social media. 

Give us a call. We are here to help answer any questions you may have regarding your social media. We can help you figure out which channels are best for your business and help you get set up for success.