Prep Your Marketing for Vacation

by Chris Goldman

Summer Tips for Business Growth

Summer travel is a natural rhythm for our culture. Unfortunately, this can cause a summer slump for businesses. If you take a personal break, that doesn’t mean you can’t be making money or building your business at the same time. 

Here are some tips for growing your business and making money while you’re on vacation. 

  1. Start the Marketing Message Process
    Developing and refining your marketing message takes time. This creative work begins in a facilitated strategy session with your core team. Once this initial session is done, it takes 2-4 weeks of creative writing and refining. If you schedule your Strategy Session before summer begins, your marketing agency can be working while you’re away. When you return, it will be time to review, refine, and move forward quickly.
  2. Website Update
    For, once Your Marketing Message is clarified, we begin developing approaches for your website. If your website is older than four years, it’s time to either give it an update or consider a complete rebuild. Imagine if your site is being built while you’re taking a break? Part of investing your time wisely is using slower seasons to prepare for peak seasons. If you naturally slump during the summer, preparing for a busy fall helps maximize profitability when the time comes.
  3. Fine-Tune your ads and CRM
    Ads and emails are a great way to drive business in your direction while you’re out of town. Crafting email campaigns that automatically respond to new leads and new customers is one way to keep building a business while taking a break from being online. Helping build and schedule ads ahead of summer is also a great way to ensure momentum stays strong. Mapping out the 8-10 weeks of summer ads with your marketing agency is a smart way to go.
  4. Turn Unavailability into Availability
    When you put customers in the driver’s seat for scheduling appointments with you, the perception of unavailability is quickly shifted toward availability. Here’s what I mean: We use Calendly – for example – as a booking tool. This allows you to block off time to be with your family and yes…take an actual vacation. However, when customers go to your booking page, they are given options in the near future when you are available for them. Instead of calling and getting a message that your unavailable, they can set up an appointment that works for both of you. This is a good tool for year-round usage, but especially helpful for the summer months.

These are just a few simple strategies you can use to keep your business moving forward during the summer months. Business owners are people and need time to take a break as well. Remember: Just because you’re taking a break doesn’t mean your business has to take a break. 

If you are ready to enjoy vacation without worrying about your business, give us a call or book a consultation below with one of our marketing experts.

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