Can I Do My Own SEO For My Business?

by Paul Lee | SEO Expert

Peter and SEO Expert Paul Lee answer the frequently asked question, “Can I do my own SEO for my business?” In short, the answer is “yes,” but you probably shouldn’t. They explore three pitfalls of doing SEO on your own and offer SEO tips along the way.

SEO is one of those things many business owners are tempted to do themselves. You might say, “Do I even need professional SEO help? I can do this myself!” You read about it online, do a little research, maybe even subscribe to a few tools or tracking services, and then BOOM, you’re in business, right? Well, maybe, probably not, though. Sure, you’ll do it for a little while, maybe even a few months, but more than likely you’ll start to let things slide, then only do it sporadically, then stop, and then… the guilt. 

  • Guilt because you know SEO is a key part of your business. 
  • Guilt because you know you’re missing out on web site traffic and leads and ultimately sales. 
  • Guilt because you know you should be doing it, and you’re not. 

SEO shouldn’t be a source of guilt. It should be a source of sales. So why don’t most business owners succeed at doing their own SEO? Here are a few reasons.


SEO is about consistency. You know you need more content on your site, so you say you’ll write 4 blogs a month. After a couple, you decide maybe 2 a month is fine, and then you miss a month, and then you try to catch up, but… yeah. Let’s just remove the dates on the articles and hope people don’t know how old they are. When you turn to pros for SEO help, it’s their job to be consistent. You’ll get content written, you’ll get posts updated, you’ll get reports. Consistently. 


SEO is about doing things consistently over a long period of time. You wrote a blog article, that’s great! Now write 23 more, 2 a month for an entire year. Are you feeling your enthusiasm waning slightly? Now do it again for 2 or 3 more years, or if we’re being honest, do it for the foreseeable future. Professional SEO help is starting to look better and better, isn’t it? Writing blogs, maintaining site structure, checking for errors, reaching out to sites for links – all those things must be done over a long period of time to see the full benefits of search engine optimization. You’re busy running your business, putting out fires, making customers deliriously happy… do you really feel like checking the backlink profile for your site along with dozens of other tasks? Every month? For years? Call a pro.

Attention to Detail

SEO is about doing all the right things consistently right over a long period of time. A good SEO looks at everything, and they look at it again and again, and they make sure it’s right. The titles of your pages, the descriptions you use, the links you create. All of them must be right, and they must be right consistently, and right over the years. That’s a lot to study, notice, and act on. Moreover, the “rules” of the SEO game change often. What worked 3 years ago might get you in trouble with Google now. But if you’re not in the SEO business, you’re probably don’t know, and that could cost you. A pro is paid to know what’s new, what’s working, what’s not, and what needs to happen in every aspect that affects rankings. 
The stakes are high here. SEO drives sales. It has to be the right SEO, though. Is yours?

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