096: SEO In 2024 – The Untold Story with Paul Lee


In this conversation with SEO expert Paul Lee, he challenges traditional beliefs about SEO, emphasizing that rankings are only part of the story, not the end goal. He suggests focusing on ‘organic conversion optimization’ rather than just search engine optimization, advocating for creating content that leads to actual conversions and customer engagement.

The discussion, peppered with Paul’s in-depth knowledge and experience, offered a fresh perspective on what SEO means for businesses today and how it’s more than just about rankings.

SEO: Beyond Rankings
Traditionally, SEO has been all about securing the top spot in search engine results. However, Paul challenges this notion, emphasizing that high rankings, while important, are just a piece of the puzzle. The real success of SEO lies in its ability to drive actual sales and meaningful customer interactions. In today’s digital landscape, it’s vital to look beyond the rank and focus on the bigger picture.

The Changing Face of SERPs
Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs) have undergone significant changes, affecting the way businesses approach SEO. With these changes, the once coveted top spot doesn’t hold the same value it used to. Paul suggests shifting focus to ‘organic conversion optimization.’ This strategy is about creating content that not only ranks well but also effectively engages and converts visitors into customers.

Landing Pages and User Engagement: The Unsung Heroes
Another critical aspect that Paul highlights is the role of landing pages, particularly in Google Ads. A well-optimized landing page can significantly enhance the effectiveness of your SEO efforts. Moreover, user engagement metrics have become increasingly relevant, influencing how search engines rank content. Businesses need to pay attention to how users interact with their site and content, using these insights to optimize their SEO strategies.