097: Getting Started With 1PMP – The Best Content For Prospects

In the third installment of our “Getting Started With The 1-Page Marketing Plan” Peter continues his conversation with Anne Garing of Anne Garing Coaching. In this episode we explore content strategies for capturing and nurturing leads for her leadership coaching business.

Their conversation delves into the power of client success stories, interactive content like webinars, and the importance of authentic engagement. They emphasize the significance of seasonal offers and personal gestures, like sending journals or stickers, to deepen client relationships.

Content Strategy for Leadership Coaching: A Multi-Faceted Approach
Anne’s approach to content creation and lead nurturing is multifaceted, integrating various digital platforms and content types to engage her audience effectively.

Creating Evergreen Content:
Anne understands the importance of creating evergreen content, such as comprehensive guides or collections of themed blog posts, to provide lasting value to her audience. This strategy not only helps in capturing leads but also establishes Anne as a thought leader in the coaching industry.

Leveraging LinkedIn:
Anne’s utilization of LinkedIn exemplifies how digital platforms can be used to reach a broader audience. By sharing insightful blog posts and engaging directly with her followers, Anne fosters a community of professionals interested in leadership development.

Offering Value Through Downloadable Resources:
Understanding the digital landscape, Anne contemplates offering downloadable resources like PDFs, checklists, or case studies. These resources provide tangible value and encourage potential clients to engage more deeply with her services.

Client Success Stories:
Sharing client success stories and testimonials is another impactful approach Anne considers. These stories not only showcase her coaching effectiveness but also resonate with potential clients who can see real-life transformations.

Interactive Content:
Anne recognizes the potential in interactive content like webinars or live Q&A sessions. These formats not only engage her audience in real-time but also allow for a more personal connection, crucial in the coaching industry.

Expanding Reach and Nurturing Leads
Anne’s strategies extend beyond content creation, focusing on nurturing leads and expanding her reach. Her ideas of seasonal offers and personalized engagement exemplify a deep understanding of her client base and their needs.

Seasonal Offers:
Anne considers introducing seasonal offers that align with her clients’ life cycles, such as New Year’s specials or reflection sessions during Thanksgiving. These timely offers cater to the specific needs of her clients at different times of the year.

Physical Tokens of Appreciation:
To create a more personal connection, Anne thinks of sending physical tokens like journals or stickers to her clients. These gestures not only show appreciation but also keep her coaching services top-of-mind.

Authentic Engagement:
Throughout the conversation, Anne emphasizes the importance of authenticity in her engagement with clients. Whether through direct appeals for referrals on LinkedIn or sharing personal insights in her content, Anne’s genuine approach is key to building lasting relationships.

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