3 Marketing Tips to Start 2020

by Tim

Social Tip

Organic vs. Paid Social Media.

What is organic social media? These are posts that show up on your pages (Facebook or Instagram) but do not get much reach and are not shown to many people as they are not paid for. Organic is important for showing that you are active on social media but organic posts will likely not get you more customers.

What is paid social media? Paid advertising on social media (specifically Facebook and Instagram) may show up on your feed, stories, or sidebar. Paid ads can help you reach a completely cold audience that you may not reach otherwise. 

It’s important to do a combination of organic and paid social media to help reach current customers as well as potential customers.

Tech Tip

In 2017, out of the 3.5 billion daily searches on Google, almost one third of them were voice searches (TheeDesign, 2017). To understand natural language, Google has fed 2,865 romance novels into it’s AI systems (Buzzfeed, 2019). Optimizing your site to take advantage of this market segment requires a change in how you view and write your content.

Instead of trying to fit as many keywords as possible into your content, write in clear and natural language. A virtual assistant may also return excerpts from your content so it’s best to keep this in mind when writing. Writing in this manner also has the additional benefit of creating more engaging content for your users since the focus shifts to what a human would read as opposed to what the bot can see.

Design Tip

Often times when we visit a website we can become so overwhelmed by the amount of buttons, links and menu items, that we don’t know where to click. This is a problem that can be addressed by clearly emphasizing the most important information on your website. If everything on your website is big bright and bold then the truly important info will get overlooked. I would recommend taking a fresh look at your website to make sure that important information, such as your contact info, clearly catches your attention and won’t get easily missed.

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