Your Story in 2020

by Tim

Telling stories is how we communicate. We think about our lives as a story that’s constantly unfolding and still being written. People talk about starting a, “new chapter in life.” When asked about our day, we don’t share a time-log, we tell stories. 

As business owners we need to pay attention to two stories in 2020: 

  • The story we want to tell about our company and our success, but more importantly, 
  • The story of our customers and their success. 

Customers need to see our products and services as a means to an end; as a component of the “success story” they’re trying to achieve. 

When Donald Miller states, “People only purchase products to solve a problem.” Every product we purchase or service we engage solves a problem in our lives. Eliminating the problems opens the door for greater success…for a better story

In 2020, set up your marketing and messaging in a way your customers understand that you exist to help them win. You are there for their success story. This the purpose of StoryBrand and the marketing framework thousands of companies have discovered creates a winning story.

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