Covering Your Bases

by Peter Wilson | President

In this first session of our webinar series, “Small Business Survival Guide – Marketing Though This Crisis,” Peter Wilson and Chris Goldman of shared which marketing topics they’ll be covering in the upcoming sessions. They also discussed the startling findings of recent consumer research conducted by Win Big Media, Phillip Stutts company. The research looks at consumer sentiment during the Coronavirus pandemic and shows that the top personal values that drive consumer behavior such as buying decisions has shifted away from “success, wealth, status, and being in charge,” to “helping and caring for others, personal and family safety, & trustworthiness and dependability.”

This shift in consumer sentiment and personal values has huge implications for most businesses. As a result, the products and services businesses offer will need to shift and so will the marketing of them.

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Phillip Stutts & Win Big Media – COVID-19 U.S. Consumer Sentiment Research
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