What Marketing Should Your Business Be Doing Right Now?

by Peter Wilson | President

Now that we are several weeks into the Coronavirus pandemic, it’s clear that every business has been impacted in some way. Some businesses are closed, some are barely open while others are thriving.

Most business owners are asking: 

  • Should I be marketing my business right now?
  • What messaging should my marketing campaigns be using now?

Note: If your business is currently closed, see our blog post titled, “Three Things Every Business Should Do Right Now (COVID-19 Response)” for a complete checklist of steps to take. 

If you want your business to survive and thrive on the other side of this pandemic, you should be marketing now. However, you need to carefully consider what messaging you are using in your marketing.

Shifting Consumer Sentiment
According to a brand new research study conducted by Phillip Stutts and his firm Win BIG Media, there has been a drastic shift in consumer sentiment over the last two months.  Also see Phillip Stutts article titled, “3 Data-Backed Messages Converting Customers in the Coronavirus Economy.” and listen to an insightful and entertaining podcast from Douglas Burdett with Phillip discussing the research and application.

Consumer decisions are now being made with the following personal values:

  • Helping and caring for their family and friends.
  • Preserving their safety and the safety of their family.
  • Being dependable and trustworthy for their family and friends.

In his Medium article about the research, Phillip Stutts said this is big shift from the past five years where his firm focused their ad campaign messaging on themes such as:

  • Looking successful and smart,
  • Acquiring wealth, status, and influence,
  • Having a life full of excitement, novelty, etc. 

A Winning Message

A winning advertising message positions a business as one that: 

  • Is helping and caring.
  • Puts customers’ safety first. 
  • Is dependable and trustworthy.

For example, a plumbing company could advertise that they:

  • Help customers by reducing their minimum trip charge. 
  • Keep customers safe by wearing gloves, masks and shoe coverings.
  • Highlight their positive reviews and years of experience.

Online Advertising Costs Have Dropped

Now is a good time to be advertising on Google and Facebook as costs have dropped by as much as 40%. Even if potential customers click on your ads and don’t buy now, you’ll have them in your remarketing audience to advertise to. When they’re ready to buy, you’ll be first in line to get their business.

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