Why Most Social Strategies Fail

Is social media working for your business?  If not, maybe it’s time to re-think the purpose of social media.  As Charlene Li points out, social [media] is not a strategy…its a series or tactics…”  I agree with her.  It is just another tool in your marketing toolbox.   As Charlene post on Linkedin states,

When I ask people what their social business strategy looks like, I usually get the following response, “Oh yeah, we’re on Facebook.” The conversation continues apace:

– Twitter account…check.
– YouTube videos….yup.
– People who seem to know what they doing with those accounts…kinda.
– Metrics….Likes.

But that isn’t a strategy – it’s a series of tactics. Having a Facebook page is like having a telephone — it’s a tool that needs a purpose. What you DO with Facebook to meet customer expectations and attain business goals lies at the center of a coherent social business strategy.

If wielded correctly, social can be a very powerful marketing tool for all types of businesses  large and small.  Just make sure to understand what your goals are and how to wield each social tool to achieve them.