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Should I Pay “Domain Listings” $228 For An Annual Website Listing?

by Peter Wilson | President

We have been inundated with questions from our clients asking if they should pay for an annual “website listings” from two different companies, one is called “US Domain Authority” and the other is called “Domain Listings.” The former company charges $289 per year and the latter charges $228 per year. Both are sending letters that look like a bill for services and both prominently display the client’s website domain name.

It would be easy to mistake these as bills for domain name registration, something that is normally handled by domain name “registrars” such as GoDaddy or Network Solutions. But they are NOT bills, rather, they are solicitations for annual website domain listings on an internet directory.

In both cases we tell our clients NOT to pay for these services. In our opinion, it’s not worth $289 or $228 to be listed on either internet directory.

For more information about Domain Listings and how we can help you optimize your marketing, see our recent blog post, Should I pay “US Domain Authority” For An Annual Website Domain Listing?

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