PSA: Advertising on Facebook? Beware of this Scam!

by Emily Caddell | Director of Marketing

Is your business advertising on Facebook? Beware of this scam that one of our customers received. Scammers keep getting better at stealing your valuable information. Luckily, our customer forwarded us this email instead of falling for this believable scam. 

Let’s break down the following email and how we knew immediately that it was a scam: 

  1. ALWAYS check the “from” email. As I addressed in this blog post, Facebook would never send you an email from an address like this: If Facebook emails you, it will likely come from a, or email address. Facebook emails will most likely show up in your “from” as “Meta for Business” if you are advertising on Facebook.
  2. If there is actually a problem with your ads, you will see the issue in your Business Manager. When this client emailed us, I immediately pulled up their Business Manager account. Their ads are completely fine and show no signs of being disabled. If you are unsure about your ads, check Business Manager instead of clicking the link.
  3. The link from first look seems like it is a legitimate Facebook link. However, if you look at the actual link that it takes you to, it’s not a address. Whatever you do, DO NOT click this link!

From: Help Center <>

Date: August 3, 2022 at 11:32:18 AM CDT

Subject: Some of your ads have been reported



Your Ad Account is going to be disabIed because some of your ads go against our Advertising PoIicies.

This means that you can still create new campaigns but you will have to make an appeaI in order to be able to manage your Page and add new admins.

Send an appeal using the Iink beIow:


Emmily H.

What can you do?

  1. Don’t click the link! As I said above, this ends up being a non-legitimate link. I have removed the hyperlink in this blog post to prevent anyone from clicking on the link. If you followed through with their request, it would most likely ask you to give your Facebook login credentials. Always login to Facebook directly. If you click the link, this is how they steal your information and hack your account.
  2. Ignore it! Once you have checked out that your ads are running fine and there are no issues, ignore these requests. 
  3. Contact your marketing company. If you do not handle your own Facebook ads, immediately forward any emails regarding Facebook to your trusted marketing company. They will be able to check out your ads and check out the legitimacy of the email you received.

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