093: Our Favorite Apps – A bizmktg.com Mini Series


In this episode of the podcast, the bizmktg.com team members engage in a lively discussion about their favorite apps, each bringing their unique preferences to the table. Peter starts the conversation with his love for the Remarkable app, which enhances his note-taking experience. Marcel shares his enthusiasm for Adobe Creative Cloud, a suite vital for his creative work. Emily introduces listeners to Libby and Hoopla, her go-to apps for a vast library of audiobooks and eBooks. Ann, on the other hand, speaks highly of AnyList, an app she finds indispensable for organizing shopping lists and recipes.

Here is the full list of apps discussed in this episode with download links for iPhones (sorry Android users):

Remarkable – A note-taking app that syncs with the Remarkable tablet, offering convenience across devices like iPads and iPhones. Download Remarkable

Slopes – Ideal for skiing enthusiasts, this app tracks ski runs, speed, vertical feet, and offers a 3D view of ski areas. Download Slopes

AnyList – A user-friendly app for organizing grocery or shopping lists and storing recipes, with options for family sharing. Download AnyList

AutoSleep – Tracks sleep patterns, including deep and normal sleep, helpful in managing sleep issues. Download AutoSleep

My Noise – Creates ambient sounds for improving sleep quality or masking distractions during the day. Download My Noise

Libby – Provides access to a wide range of free audiobooks and eBooks through library cards. Download Libby

Hoopla – Another excellent app for free audiobooks and eBooks, using a library card. Download Hoopla

Google Photos – A photo storage and sharing app, known for its sorting capabilities and user-friendly interface. Download Google Photos

Adobe Creative Cloud – A suite of applications for creative work, offering limitless potential and cross-device functionality. Download Adobe Creative Cloud

ChatGPT – An AI-powered app, notable for its voice interaction feature, reminiscent of the AI in the movie “Her.” Download ChatGPT

iPhone Weather App – A comprehensive weather app with a user-friendly interface, pre-installed on iPhones. iPhone Weather App (Note: This app is pre-installed on iPhones and may not have a separate download link).

Let us know what apps you like. Send an email to podcast@bizmktg.com and we’ll mention it on a future episode of biz and life done well.