078: How To Craft Your Ideal Marketing Message – **1PMP Series**


Want to learn how to craft the ideal marketing message for your business? As part of their continuing series on the “1-Page Marketing Plan” book by Alan Dib, Chris Goldman and Peter discuss the right way to create messaging that resonates with your customers.

Five quick tips for crafting your ideal marketing message:

  • Focus on being clear and authentic before being cute and clever
  • Understand your customer, your business, and the problem being solved
  • Create a coherent message to prevent customers from focusing solely on price
  • Emphasize benefits of buying from your business and consequences of choosing alternatives
  • Aim for transformation in customers’ lives through your business offerings

Recommended resources:

  1. One Page Marketing Plan by Alan Dib
  2. Building a StoryBrand by Donald Miller
  3. Narrative Gym by Park Howell and Randy Olson