112: Building Dreams: Inside Blue Water Design Build

In this episode, Peter sits down with Kirk and Donna Gronvold, the husband and wife team behind Blue Water Design Build, a Seattle-based design-build firm specializing in home renovations and remodels. Kirk and Donna share their passion for transforming outdated homes into beautiful, functional spaces that families love.

Discover the origin of the Blue Water name and how Kirk’s love of fishing inspired it. Learn about the couple’s design-build philosophy, which focuses on understanding how clients live in their homes in order to create spaces that flow and function optimally for each family’s unique needs.

Kirk, a third-generation builder, discusses Blue Water’s specialty in renovating older homes, including the challenges of bringing unfinished basements and cramped spaces up to modern standards while maintaining budgets. Donna shares her role in the design process and how she helps clients navigate the multitude of decisions to achieve a cohesive, personalized design.

The Gronvolds also share memorable client stories, from a young family’s basement turned dream space, to a studs-out remodel of a client’s childhood home. Hear how Kirk and Donna work together as a team and why they love seeing the impact their work has on their clients’ daily lives.

Whether you’re considering a home remodel or simply enjoy a behind-the-scenes look at a successful family business, this episode of Biz and Life Done Well offers valuable insights and inspiration. Tune in for an inside look at the world of home renovations with the talented team at Blue Water Design Build.

Website: Blue Water Design Build
Phone: (206) 783-0381