111: Receivership Unveiled: Insights from Jake Flothe of RTC

Peter interviews Jake Flothe, in-house counsel for Resource Transition Consultants (RTC), a Washington company specializing in receivership services. Jake explains the concept of receivership, an alternative to bankruptcy that involves either turning around distressed businesses or liquidating their assets. 

Jake highlights the cost-effectiveness and streamlined nature of receivership compared to traditional bankruptcy. He shares insights into the process, including voluntary and involuntary receiverships, and the motivations behind choosing this route. He also delves into the types of work RTC handles, emphasizing their diverse expertise in lending, business management, and operations. 

The conversation touches on specific cases, such as a successful turnaround in the cannabis industry, and Jake offers advice for entrepreneurs on the importance of due diligence and proper legal preparation. 

Visit RTCReceivers.com to learn more about RTC and contact Jake.