110: The Branding Iron: Forging a Thriving Design & Print Business with Lillyan Hendershot

Peter interviews Lillyan Hendershot, the Art Director and Co-Founder of The Branding Iron. In this episode, Peter and Lillyan reminisce about their shared history, from their early days working together to the growth of their respective businesses. Discover how Lillyan transitioned from a fine arts background to graphic design and entrepreneurship, and learn about the diverse range of services The Branding Iron offers. This episode is filled with insights on networking, the importance of a physical office, and the evolution of business post-COVID. Tune in for inspiring stories of perseverance, community involvement, and the ever-evolving world of branding and design.

Here are some key takeaways from Peter’s interview with Lillyan:

  1. Lillyan transitioned from aspiring to be an oil painter to becoming a successful graphic designer and business owner. She got her bachelor’s degree in fine arts oil painting but realized it would be difficult to make a living as an artist, so she pursued graphic design instead, getting a master’s degree in media design.
  2. Lillyan and Peter Wilson, the interviewer, have known each other since around 2013 when their businesses shared office space together. Peter helped Lillyan and her business partner build out the office space.
  3. Networking through the Edmonds Chamber of Commerce was crucial for Lillyan in getting graphic design clients when she was first starting her freelance business. The connections she made helped jumpstart her business.
  4. The Branding Iron offers a wide range of services including graphic design, logo design, website design, printing, signage, and more. They work with a variety of clients from small businesses to nonprofits to city governments.
  5. Lillyan has seen her clients’ businesses grow over the years as she’s worked with them. She enjoys establishing long-term relationships and watching their success.
  6. Post-COVID, Lillyan has seen a huge increase in producing materials for events as businesses and organizations sponsor more community events to market themselves.
  7. While Lillyan initially worried that print might die out in the digital age, she’s realized there will always be a need for printed materials. The key is diversifying services to include digital offerings as well.

In summary, the interview provides an interesting look at Lillyan’s journey as an artist and entrepreneur, the importance of networking and community involvement for business growth, and how The Branding Iron has evolved its services over the years to meet changing client needs. Lillyan’s story demonstrates the rewards of pursuing one’s passions while also being adaptable in business.

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