091: Our Favorite Tools – A bizmktg.com Mini Series

Listen in as the members of the bizmktg.com team discuss their favorite tools for their business and personal lives.

Here’s a breakdown of the tools mentioned in this episode:


Task Board (Google’s version) – It’s a work-related tool for task management that can be synced to both phone and computer, helping keep track of various tasks. It integrates with Google Tasks and Calendar too.

Daily Kairos Book – This is a personal tool, a helpful journal for daily thankfulness and prayer.


MX Master 3S Mouse – Mentioned by Ann. It’s an ergonomic mouse that’s comfortable for long hours of computer use.

Laptop and iPhone – Essential electronics for her work and personal life.

Kindle and Candle Lighter – Ann’s personal favorites, including a Kindle for reading and an electronic candle lighter.


iPad and iPad Pencil – A creative tool for digital art and illustrations, providing a different setting from the laptop.


Remarkable 2 (E Ink Tablet) – A versatile tool for note-taking, organizing notes into folders and notebooks, with the ability to email specific pages as PDFs.

Digital Countdown Timer – A great focus tool. It’s a simple timer that helps with time management and focused work.