073: 5 Tips for Being More Consistent In Your Marketing

Creating a successful online marketing strategy isn’t just about coming up with one-time campaigns and tactics. It’s about staying consistent, ensuring each piece fits into your larger objectives and focusing on long-term results.

In this episode, Peter gives you 5 simple tips to help you be more consistent with your marketing and set your business up for success.

Being consistent over time can lead to huge results in a company’s brand and marketplace presence; his client saw a 10X increase in website visits after 5 years of content creation.

Intention is important when it comes to creating content; businesses should know why they are doing what they’re doing with respect to their marketing before starting anything.

Creating a content calendar and sticking with it helps keep consistency going strong as well as using social media scheduling tools like Buffer which makes posting easier without having real-time posts every day/week/month etc..

Repurposing existing popular blog posts or other pieces of content into different formats such as podcasts or videos also helps maintain consistency while providing new material for customers & prospects alike .

Finally, tracking analytics will help reinforce the value behind being consistent since numbers will improve over time if done correctly