062: 10 Ways to Boost Your Email Campaigns with Emily Caddell

Email campaigns have one of the highest ROIs in business. Emails are easy to send out to a mailing list and can help your business thrive. In this episode, Peter and Emily discuss the 10 Ways to Boost Your Email Campaign.


  1. Be Steady and Frequent – For your email marketing to be healthy and successful, you need to be steady and frequent with your emailing. For example, we send out an email to our email list every Friday morning. To help with this, write out a calendar plan at the beginning of each month with what content you will share in your emails. If you are creating content that will resonate with your audience, you will not be seen as a pest, but rather as an educator in your field.


  1. Subject Line – Your subject line is extremely important to your open rate. A great subject line should be “no more than 9 words or 60 characters” according to Mailchimp. Keep it short but descriptive to help your campaign perform better. 


  1. Design Matters – Emails should be pleasing to the eye. Don’t stress about creating the perfect graphic for each email, but rather, focus on the overall design of your email. Here are some design aspects to consider:
  1. Is the text of the email readable on desktop and mobile?
  2. Does the image fit the width of a mobile phone or is it too large/too small?
  3. Do the ‘Call to Action’ buttons stand out?


  1. Call to Action – Every email should have at least one call to action. This can be a button at the end of your text section that says “Read More” or “Listen Now”. There should be another call button at the bottom of your email that allows readers to contact you directly. This could be a hyperlink to your business phone number, a contact us button that goes to the contact form on your website, or an email address to contact you. Without a call to action button, you are not giving readers an actionable next step, which means you are missing out on potential business!


  1. Social Buttons – Make it easy for customers to find you on social media. Examine which social media platforms your business utilizes the most and include links to your profiles at the bottom of the email. This is a great way to casually get more clients to follow you on social media.


  1. Add Links to Images – Most people will click the Call to Action button, but you are missing a big opportunity if you don’t include links on the images in your emails. Make sure to add a link to each image on your email that goes to a related page on your website.


  1. Mobile First – It’s great for your email to look good on desktop and mobile, however, your focus should mostly be on mobile. Most people will read their email on their phones rather than on desktop. Many email systems such as Mailchimp will automatically fit your email to desktop and mobile, but not all email systems do this. When you test out your email, check in on mobile to be sure the design looks its best on the phone. 


  1. Tie Your Email to Landing Pages – Your emails should not be going to your homepage on your site. Emails are a great opportunity to utilize landing pages. Whether you are sending out a blog post or other piece of content, be sure to include a contact form on the page that you are sending people to. 


  1. Make Your Email Shareable – Most popular email systems will allow you to make your email shareable. You should set up social links so that your readers can either share them on their social media or send them to a friend through their email address. 


  1. Track and Analyze Your Results – If you follow one piece of our advice, it’s to track your results! Tracking and analyzing your results is the only way to determine if you are spending your time and money correctly. Look at all of your results every time you send an email to see:
  1. What is your open rate? Is your email list opening your emails or ignoring them?
  2. What is your click-through rate? Are people clicking on the links in your email? Which links are they clicking on?
  3. Are your emails converting? Check Google Analytics to see if anyone is converting from your emails. Are people filling out contact forms or calling you because of your emails?

Once you know how your results are looking, you can tweak your emails to make your campaigns more effective and successful.


Is your business missing out on effective marketing by not doing email campaigns? We are here to help! Visit our resources below and book a consultation with us to get started.