031: Emily Caddell – How To Build Your Virtual Team Through Engaging Meetings

Emily Caddell, Director of Marketing at bizmktg.com is Peter’s guest. They discuss how bizmktg.com has built a high performance virtual team through engaging and fun weekly team meetings. They discuss each agenda item and how it grows trust and collaboration among each team member. The team is truly virtual with Emily located in Boston and others located in the Seattle area.

Our Weekly Agenda Outline:

  1. High tide –

    This is a time for everyone to share one positive thing that happened during the week.

  2. Delighted or Disappointed –

    Share an experience you had with another company and whether you were delighted or disappointed and why. This goes on a rotation of who shares each week.

  3. Customer story –

    Anyone on the team can share positive feedback from one of our customers.

  4. Team Shout Out –

    Team shout out is a time for anyone to compliment another team member about something that was above and beyond.

  5. Weekly Rotation –

    This will vary depending on what your company likes to discuss. We do content ideation, KPIs, design show and tell, and an extended education moment.

  6. Around the Room

    -We go around the (virtual) room and discuss any business related questions or thoughts we need to discuss with the rest of the team.

  7. Inspirational Quote –

    Whoever shared their “Delighted or Disappointed” ends the meeting with an inspirational quote. For example, this was a recent quote used in one of our meetings: Wherever there is change, and wherever there is uncertainty, there is opportunity!” – Mark Cuban