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Key Choice Commercial

How We Helped:

The Problem

Natalie Foskey purchased Bradley Commercial Real Estate and inherited the name, business book, and logo when she did. But after several years, she knew it was time to update the name, website, logo, etc. She’d been working with a business coach/consultant for a couple of years but was ready to move the process forward. That’s why she talked to the team during one of the group coaching sessions and decided to see what could be done. All of this coincided with the early beginnings of the COVID-19 pandemic. Unknowns were creating uncertainty throughout the industry.

Website Design

The Process

Natalie met for her Strategy Session producing her customized Your Marketing Message report. It was determined that a new name, logo, and color scheme needed to flow out of the strategy session. Using the input of a talented focus group facilitated by our Strategist/Coach (Chris Goldman), a one-hour session produced a new name with the following criteria:

  • The name would link somehow to Natalie Foskey’s name
  • The name would clarify the focus on commercial real estate
  • The name would establish the premium quality of Natalie’s team

This led to Key Choice Commercial as the new name. From this, a new logo, look, and website was developed. 

The Solution

It’s rare for a business owner to have the drive and determination to rebrand, rename, and relaunch all in one move. In this case, Natalie’s team worked alongside the bizmktg team to ensure the outcome would provide a new look and new language for their online marketing, their print pieces, and all branded materials. By making the most of the bizmktg Marketing Trifecta, her marketing strategy was comprehensive and had an immediate impact.

The New Website

The Client's Experience

“Since the rebranding and the development of the new website, we have seen an increase in inquiries which have ultimately resulted in revenue. Chris Goldman and the ream were the highlights for me during the challenging year of Covid.”

- Natalie Foskey

Key Choice Commercial Real Estate

The Present

Key Choice Commercial has not only survived the challenges of 2020 and 2021, but they have also experienced continual growth and expansion. With a new look, new name, and fresh design, they have successfully rebranded without losing a prominent place in the commercial real estate arena.

Natalie continues to feel great about the collaborative work accomplished with the bizmktg team and Key Choice Commercial continues to win online.

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