Hyperlocal Mobile advertising and why it’s beginning to pay off

Hyperlocal mobile advertising (a.k.a. HyLoMo) is finally gaining serious traction.  The skyrocketing adoption rates of smartphones is giving local online advertising enough scale to be relevant and profitable for publishers and advertisers, creating a virtuous upward spiral of growth.

From GigaOm  2012: The year mobile advertising starts to pay off

the buzz phrase that will drive mobile ad spending is “hyperlocal mobile,” or ads targeted to individuals in specific, relatively homogeneous locations.

But it’s more than a phrase: Aiming mobile ads at individuals targeted by hyperlocal info like zip codes, neighborhoods and GPS data, on a scale that’s useful for both local merchants and national advertisers that target locally, is finally viable. Couple that with the explosion of flash sales and daily deals and the rise of local mobile ad networks and exchanges like AT&T Interactive, CityGridxAd and Nexage and it’s clear that we have reached the era of hyper local mobile. Which means publishers and developers can finally hit desired fill rates and eCPMs.


Be sure to check out the infographic which describes the hyperlocal mobile ecosystem.