How To Grow Your Email Marketing List (Organically and Legally)

by Emily Caddell | Director of Marketing

Did you know that email marketing provides the highest ROI of all forms of digital marketing?  In order to enjoy the benefits of email marketing, you will need an email list to send to. The way you grow your list is extremely important. Growing your email list the right way can help you get new customers, retain current customers, and overall grow your business. Growing your email list the wrong way can have huge consequences for your business. 

How to Grow Your Email List Organically and Legally:

  1. Have a “Sign Up For Our Newsletter” pop up on your site. This is a simple way to reach anyone who comes to your site. If you do include this on your site, make sure you are providing consistent and valuable information in your email newsletters.
  1. Create valuable assets that require an email address. Webinars, PDFS, and consultations are premium assets that people will give you their email address for. Requiring an email address for these assets not only adds them to your email list, but it also shows that what you are providing is valuable. 
  1. Promote your valuable assets. Advertising these assets will have a huge payout, and not only for your email list. You will attract more people to your website who will then potentially give you something very valuable: their email. 
  1. Require an Opt-In. If you’ve ever bought something online, you have more than likely been asked to check a box saying “Check this box to receive our promotional offers” or something along those lines. These companies are requiring an opt-in so that they are receiving your permission to email them. Not getting permission can harm your business, which we will discuss below.

Why You Should Never Buy Email Addresses:

  1. Buying email addresses can have legal ramifications for your business. The GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) is a privacy law that businesses need to be in compliance with. According to the GDPR, the law “will levy harsh fines against those who violate its privacy and security standards.” Purchased email addresses are not compliant with this law as the individuals have not opted to be on your list. 
  1. It can shut down your email system. Bought email addresses are more likely to mark your emails as “spam.” This can hurt your email deliverability and your can mark your IP address. Email providers do not want to be associated with accounts that spam people and they will shut your email system down if they suspect that this is something you are doing.
  1. It can harm the reputation of your business. No one likes getting emails from companies that they don’t know and that they don’t have an interest in. It can feel like a violation to receive emails from an unknown source. Rather than gain new customers from these bought lists, you are more than likely putting the reputation of your business on the line.

Email marketing is an amazing tool that can help you grow your business and can help your reputation with current customers. However, it must be done the right way to make it successful! If you need assistance with your email marketing, we are here to help.

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