How Facebook Leads Ads Can Grow Your Business

by Emily Caddell | Director of Marketing

Facebook lead ads are a great way to grow your business. Lead ads can reach an audience who may not have even been searching for your type of services. Through the right targeting, creative and budget, Facebook lead ads can help grow most businesses. 

What are Facebook lead ads?

Facebook lead ads are promoted forms. When someone clicks on your Facebook lead ad, a form will pop up for them to fill out their information. There will be a welcome screen that will show more details about what your company is offering. The customer will then click “next” and it will ask them to fill out some information. The information that is required is up to the company. For example, you can ask for: name, email, phone, zip code, rent or own, what service they are looking for, etc. Once someone fills out the form, the information is then emailed to you so that you can communicate with them directly. This means that they never leave Facebook to show their interest in your company.

Facebook lead ads use the same type of set up as other Facebook ads as far as targeting, demographics and budget. The difference is that you are paying for each form fill rather than per click.

What are the benefits of Facebook lead ads?

Many companies can benefit from Facebook lead ads. Some companies that we have seen to have huge success with Facebook leads ads are pet related businesses, service area businesses, and any company that is looking for a new team member. Facebook ads are great for companies who require the customer to contact them and then the company offers a quote. It’s also proven to work well for employment (with a non-discrimination agreement).

Another benefit of Facebook leads ads is that you know exactly how your money is being spent. While you are paying for your ads to be shown, you can easily see the cost per lead by dividing the total dollars spent by the total number of leads.

Tips for successful lead ads:

  • Use compelling content and graphics. Make sure your ad is something that will draw in someone who may not even be looking for your services.
  • Offer something. Have an offer that is specific to Facebook ads, such as a percentage discount or a free service.
  • Be clear about your offer. Ads that are not specific or clear as to what service you are offering will not be successful. Consumers want to know what they are signing up for.
  • Keep your form simple. Asking too many questions will prevent someone from wanting to take the time to fill out your form. Make sure the questions you are asking are relevant and necessary.
  • Target the right audience. Make sure your targeting based on age, demographics and interests is the right targeting for your business. If you need to adjust your targeting after the ad has run for a few weeks, you can do that. If your target audience is too broad, you may not be reaching the right people, but if it’s too small, you won’t get many leads.
  • Make sure you have a privacy policy before you start. In order to set up Facebook lead ads, your site must have a privacy policy. Here is an example of our privacy policy:

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