Hiring the Right Writer

What to look for when hiring a writer for your company.

Business owners competing in the digital marketplace know the challenge of creating content for blogs, newsletters, social media, and websites. Writer’s block can lead to lost time. Since time is money, lost time is lost money. Hiring a writer can give you those hours back while kicking your content up a notch or two. 

As a content creator, business owners often express appreciation for the time and effort I spend creating good content. Early on I couldn’t understand why they were so grateful. After hearing their struggles of pushing through writer’s block to produce moderately good content, I finally understand. 

This is why companies develop relationships with writers and allow them to produce their content. So here are four areas I would encourage you to consider to make sure you hire the right writer:

  1. A Writer Must Understand Your Core Messaging
    This cannot be compromised. Quality marketing is authentic to who you are and what you do. Too many writers focus on cute and clever language rather than authenticity. A writer must get to know your company and values and write with your voice in mind. From this foundation, good writers can captivate customers by understanding the psychology of your customer base. Without it, you will be misrepresented in tone, language, and – unfortunately – the value you provide your customers.
  2. A Writer Must Write
    Let me explain: Writing for a company requires a relationship and requires time to write on your behalf – usually over the course of a few months. Finding the voice of your company begins with understanding or developing your core message. Once that core message is found, monthly or weekly writing will gradually bring about a unified voice (as if the writer is part of your company). That brings up the next point…
  3. A Writer Should Be Considered “Your Writer”
    I’m not recommending you actually hire an employee to write (although some do). If you hired a minimum person to create content – as an employee – you could easily spend $20,000 annually. A better option is to hire a writer on contract. Most marketing companies have content creators. For $1,000 a month, you would get professional, high-quality content without the hassle of employment responsibilities. But give it time. Don’t just contract for a couple of articles, contract for four to six months and begin with a core-messaging session.
  4. A Writer Should Be Encouraged to “Create”
    Writing is a creative discipline. Good writers are naturally going to bring good ideas to any organization they work with. As your writer begins to learn about your company, invite their input and ideas. Often, they may be able to strengthen your language through their evolving relationship with your company. Yes, make sure they have the guardrails from your core messaging, AND invite their ideas within those guardrails. 

A good writer is worth finding. Suddenly your hours spent pounding out a newsletter are available to enjoy life or run your business. Your content is stronger but reflects your voice. Every blog is used as a newsletter article, every article surfaces as an online blog, and every great phrase shapes your online messaging. Hiring the right writer makes your content stronger and your daily life better!