Five Years Ago…

by Peter Wilson | President

Yesterday I removed the remaining items from’s Edmonds office as our five year lease expired. Our company is now officially 100% virtual, although, we have effectively been virtual for the past six months.

As a business owner I spend a lot of time planning and thinking about the future, however, I believe there is power in stopping for a moment and reflecting on how the business has evolved over time.

Would you take an hour in the next week to think about and write down some of the significant changes your business has been through in the past five years? I think you will be amazed at how much you and your team have accomplished and how blessed you have been.

Here are a few of my five year highlights:

Five years ago we moved into our waterfront office in Edmonds. When I started the business, I never dreamed we would be so lucky to have an office with a view of the Puget Sound, the Olympic Mountains, and the Edmonds waterfront. I know I will miss that view.


A view from’s waterfront office in 2017

Five years later we are totally virtual and a global company with team members in the Seattle-area, Boston, Miami, and Cape Town, South Africa. Thanks to my amazing team we are able to function as effectively as ever, even though many of us have never met face to face.

Five years ago our Project Manager, Ann, marked her third year with the company. Our Marketing Director, Emily, and our Web Developer, Tim, both marked their one year anniversaries with Since then we have added our new Designer, Marcel, and our Marketing Strategist, Chris. Our extended team now includes SEO Expert Paul and Alexey, our Analytics Expert.

I am so grateful for the whole team, especially for all the little things they do each day to help our clients win online.

Five years ago we were still using the logo I had created in Microsoft Word seven years before (2012). Thanks to our now former designer, Kyle, we have a MUCH better logo and website design.

Five years ago we had the opportunity to help a little more than 100 clients with their digital marketing, one client at a time. Five years later I am happy to report that a majority of those clients are still trusting us with their marketing and we have added even more. I am thankful for each client, past and present.

These are just a few of the highlights from the past five years. Taking stock in what we have done and accomplished makes me even more hopeful for the future of our company.

I would love to hear your “5 years ago” story. If you tried this exercise, please send me a note and let me know what you discovered about yourself and your company. My email is “peter [at]”

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