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Edmonds Deals is a service bizmktg.com. We started Edmonds Deals to help shoppers find great deals from local Edmonds businesses.   Peter Wilson, the founder of bizmktg.com and Edmonds Deals has been a resident of Edmonds for the past 13 years.

How it works
Subscribers to Edmonds Deals receive Featured Deals via email, tweet and Facebook update about four times a week.  Only one business, organization or event is featured at a time.  Shoppers get deals by downloading free coupons, then redeeming them at the time of purchase directly from the seller.  The coupons, which include unique voucher codes, may be used for both online and offline purchases.

Benefits for shoppers

Relevant Deals – Since the deals are primarily from the Edmonds-area, they are highly relevant to Edmonds residents and visitors.

Top-rated Merchants – We strive to only feature deals from top-rated local merchants and organizations. 

Hidden gems – We are always on the lookout for new Edmonds businesses and unique experiences to feature.

Benefits for businesses

Exposure – To local Edmonds residents and visitors.

Fair pricing & Deal control  –  Unlike services like Groupon and Living Social that keep up to 50% of the revenue from a deal, Edmonds Deals only charges businesses a small monthly fee to be featured.  Businesses determine which deal to promote and the specific terms of the deal including time-limits.

30 days of promotion –  Each deal is featured exclusively for one day, then it continues to be promoted to shoppers via the All Deals and Deals by Category pages and Recent Deals on select emails.

Who is Edmonds Deals
Edmonds Deals is a service of local online marketing firm bizmktg.com.  Peter Wilson founded bizmktg.com to help businesses achieve better results from their marketing expenditures based on his 25+ years of success at both large corporations and start-ups.

For more information, please contact Peter Wilson (425) 835-3412 info@bizmktg.com

If you are interested in advertising your business on Edmonds Deals, please contact Peter Wilson (425) 835-3412, info@bizmktg.com

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