Client Case Study

Dr. Buff Car Wash & Detail

How We Helped:

The Problem

Our team members noticed Dr. Buff’s website managers were leaving monthly specials up far past their expiration date. This was leading to discounts being extended and profits being lost. But this was just a symptom of a larger problem: A business owner having to work with a nonresponsive, out-of-town marketing service who wouldn’t make things right.

The Previous Website

Website Design

The Process

Travis was asked by a team member if this was a common issue for his company, Dr. Buff (automobile detailing company). He’d wanted to work with a local company that valued his contributions to the local community and discovered it with Travis met with the bizmktg team for a strategy session to define core messaging, strategic marketing, and design needs.

The Solution

In just eight weeks, Dr. Buff had a customized website – hosted and protected by the bizmktg team. But that wasn’t the end of the work. For booking, a customized interface needed to be developed allowing his customers to enter detailed information about the vehicle(s) they wanted to have cleaned. This allowed for a customized quote saving the Dr. Buff team time when it came to scheduling appointments. In addition, it created the kind of relationship needed to quickly add on future offerings including their newest emphasis: Mobile Carwash and Detailing Services.

The New Website

The Client's Experience

There are so many things I love about working with! Peter and his crew are phenomenal at what they do, from the verbiage on the website they create after getting the goals for your business dialed in, to the fact that they will brainstorm ideas with you on how to increase your exposure, both online and at your physical business.

We have worked with several other companies and spent tens of thousands of dollars to just be treated like we were just another number at the DMV. goes above and beyond what anyone else does, they genuinely care about you and if your business succeeds. They do this by having a sit down and diving into what your business provides and what your business stands for. Peter and his crew are very educated in both business and the way people perceive you online. They have done the leg work for you and there’s no need to go anywhere else. If you’re not working with then I guarantee you’re losing online.

- Travis Mitchell

Owner of Dr. Buff Car Wash & Detail

The Present

As Travis and his team develop seasonal specials or come across needs, they simply create a ticket for the bizmktg team. Most adjustments are made on the same day (often within minutes). If a communication meeting is needed to optimize the marketing needs, bizmktg reaches out to the Dr. Buff team and sets aside time to ensure needs are being met. 

Dr. Buff continues to grow and expand as bizmktg takes care of their online needs and Travis focuses on building the business. Equipped with a state-of-the-art website supported by specialists in Social Media, Strategic Messaging, and Creative Design, Dr. Buff has a bright future ahead while working with a responsive team he can reach, speak to, and work with regularly.

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