Do Email Campaigns Really Work?

by Emily Caddell | Director of Marketing

Email marketing is nothing new to the online marketing world, so does it still matter? As other marketing platforms have taken off, some businesses have left email marketing in the dust.

If your business is not sending out regular emails to your customers, you need to start now. Here’s why:

  1. Get in front of your past and current customers. Showing up in a happy customers inbox is one of the best ways to repeat business with them. Giving an option to go to your site or directly contact you makes it easy for customers to opt for more services from you. Even if your recipients don’t open your email, just seeing your company’s name gives your brand value.
  1. Low investment for a high return. The investment in email marketing is relatively low and can lead to a high pay off. According to, the average open rate for campaigns of less than 1,000 recipients is 21.33%. The amount of money that is put into email marketing is very low compared to the amount of exposure you receive from them.
  1. Content on your site. If you are regularly writing blog posts to be put into newsletters for your customers, you are not only getting the benefit of sending that blog to your email list, you are also growing the content on your site. Blog posts with valuable content can improve your SEO and give you credibility in your field. 
  1. Email marketing content is limitless. There are many ways you can use email marketing to grow your business and improve customer relations. Use your newsletters for informational content, seasonal topics, specials, referral givebacks, new services, etc. Alternating the type of content that you send in your emails will keep your email list engaged.
  1. Time and budget efficiency. The time and budget that is put into email marketing is relatively low when compared to other online marketing tools. Using a regulated email platform like Mailchimp or Constant Contact can help you create beautifully structured emails. Planning a time that you can be consistent is important to helping your emails be successful and sustainable. 

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