Can Your Marketing Plan Fit on One Page?

by Chris Goldman

“Early into my first business, I was smart enough to identify that a business plan was going to be important to my success. Unfortunately, that’s where my smarts ended. With the help of a business consultant (who’d never actually run a successful business of his own), I ended up many thousands of dollars poorer but had a document that most business owners never bother with—a business plan. My business plan was many hundreds of pages long. It had graphs, charts, projections, and much, much more. It was an awesome-looking document but essentially was a bunch of nonsense.” ~ Alan Dib

Dib, Allan. The 1-Page Marketing Plan: Get New Customers, Make More Money, And Stand Out From The Crowd (pp. 10-11). Successwise. Kindle Edition. 

Marketing is the lifeblood of sales and critical to sustainability for a business. But marketing plans that are too comprehensive and too long to read become useless for most owners. That’s why became a certified team through the Successwise 1-Page Marketing Plan approach. 

The 1-Page Marketing Plan, by Alan Dib,  became a best seller because it resonated with business owners. Running a business means moving a thousand miles an hour juggling projects, people, and promotions. The best business owners allow themselves to meet with business coaches or marketing specialists to clarify their message, focus their marketing, and work smarter…not harder. 

At the end of the day, your marketing plan needs to be viewable on a single page as a constant reference point for your business, your team, and any future hires. The brilliance of Alan Dib’s concept is the simplicity of a one-page plan covering the nine most critical aspects of marketing. 

  1. My Target Market
  2. My Message to My Target Market
  3. The Media I Will Use to Reach My Target Market
  4. My Lead Capture System
  5. My Lead Nurturing System
  6. My Sales Conversion Strategy
  7. How I Deliver A World-Class Experience
  8. How I Increase Customer Lifetime Value
  9. How I Orchestrate and Stimulate Referrals

When the bizmktg team invested in the certification for this approach, it came from a desire to help our current customers make the next step. After all, many business owners have established excellence in service, products, and personnel. But they know there’s something holding them back from achieving even more success. That’s where smart marketing with a clear and concise message can make a difference. 

Visualization is a critical component of personal athletic coaches. They ask players to close their eyes and visualize the play, the shot, or the landing. Only when they can visualize success in their minds are they able to perform at their best. Business owners can benefit from visualization as well. That’s where a 1-Page Marketing Plan can help. You can open your eyes, look at your plan, and visualize the next move based on well-thought-out strategies.

If your marketing plan isn’t viewable on one page, it may be time to seek out a business coach or marketing specialist who can lead you through the complexity of developing a simple, clear message for your target audience. After all, if you can’t articulate who you help and how you help, that lack of clarity will prevent your next step forward. 

Here’s the good news: One page may be all you need for a more successful future. 

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