Campaigns that Create Leads

by Peter Wilson | President

Why Data Supported Marketing Matters

Most businesses want more leads. Marketing online without source tracking your leads is like throwing your business card out of a blimp. Maybe it worked? Maybe it didn’t?

Your business just spent $1,000 on Facebook or Google ads but you can’t tell whether or not it worked. Did you get more business? Did that business come from the money you spent online? If you don’t know where your money is going, your business can’t be successful. 

If your business has spent money on online marketing, but you are struggling to see growth, you may need better conversion tracking. 

What is conversion tracking?

Conversion tracking is a tool that allows you to see where your money is going and if your online marketing is paying off. In marketing terms, leads = conversions because someone who visited your website “converted” from a visitor to a “lead.” They did this by calling your business or filling out a form on your website. Tracking your marketing gives you something to target, strive for and improve upon. 

What types of tracking is there?

Phone Call Tracking

Phone call tracking allows you to see who called, the length of the call and listen to call recordings. Phone call tracking allows you to track where the customer came from, whether it is Google, Facebook, direct, print, etc. A perk of using phone call tracking is that your business can also use it to text with customers as well. Daily, weekly or monthly reports are sent to your business where you can analyze how well your business is doing with phone calls.

Online Form Submissions

Regardless of how someone came to your site (direct, social, Google), online form tracking can show how they got there and how much money you spend on each form submission.

Benefits of conversion tracking:

If your company is going to be successful with online marketing, it is vital that you know where your money is going. Here at, we have had many clients tell us that their old marketing company never gave them any tracking information so they never knew whether their marketing was successful.

When you are spending money to market online, you should know how much you are paying for each lead and what source is working best for you. Any customer leads that come through your website are fed back to Google to track where that lead came from. Knowing where customers come from gives you the ability to calculate the cost per lead (or conversion rate) and allows you to tailor your ads to see which ones are most likely to covert. Tracking leads also gives you the ability to focus on the customers and pathways that matter.

Don’t spend your money and hope it works. Hope is not a plan. When you know where your money is going, your business can grow. 

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