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by Chris Goldman

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Donald Miller’s newest business book, “Business Made Simple.” was released two weeks ago (January of 2021). The book is a companion to his Business Made Simple University. BMSU has already drawn in more than 15,000 businesses and numerous motivational/business experts. His model is to provide practical, hands-on training for best business practices at an unbelievable cost (an annual subscription is around $300). 

More Than A Publishing Strategy

While the book opened at #22 on the New York Times bestseller list, it will no doubt climb in the coming weeks. However, Miller’s launch of BMSU is really three-fold:

The book’s subtitle reads, “60 days to master leadership, sales, marketing, execution, management, personal productivity, and more.” Building off his highly successful, “Building a Storybrand,” Miller applies his successful Storybrand marketing framework to the BMSU suite of resources. 

More Than A Book

The first thing that caught my attention is that “Business Made Simple.” is not a traditional book. It’s actually a 60-day strategy to increasing your company’s profits, functionality, and overall business acumen as you work through the process

Each chapter walks you through a day-by-day plan to become a more effective owner, manager, or leader in your business or organization. Most people will notice how thorough this sixty-day sprint is and immediately think, “I’m going to need help keeping myself on track.” This leads to Miller’s Certified Coaching Program

Miller makes no bones about it: He believes using their online resources, the newly published book, and hiring a BMSU trained coach ( gives you the best chance for success in the current business climate. He offers this at a fraction of the price being charged by most business schools (or by most business coaching organizations). 

While the entire book is filled with core essentials for business success and profitability, my personal favorites include:

  • A model for becoming A Value-Driven Professional
  • The Two-Week Quick Start
  • And Messaging Made Simple

The sections of the book also cover Leadership, Productivity, Marketing, Communication, Sales, Negotiation, Management, and Execution. 

Donald Miller’s BMSU organization is hoping to challenge the traditional business school model within the next few years. His goal is to transform the business education landscape by getting the bottom-line knowledge needed to start a business and be successful in the hands of entrepreneurs who may not have the time, money, or desire to attend a traditional college or university. 

Business Made Simple Summit (Tuesday, February 9th)

Miller also announced shortly after the publication of “Business Made Simple.” an event entitled, “Business Made Simple. Summit.” This two-hour event is designed to give you specific hands-on training from the greater BMSU suite of services and expose you to the quality of their offerings. 

Rather than asking you to check-out an infomercial, Miller’s strategy is to give you a meaningful experience with BMSU. 

My Opinion

As a newcomer to the BMSU organization as a Certified Business Coach I was eagerly anticipating the release of this new book. While it wasn’t what I expected from Donald Miller, as I began working through the book, the value became undeniable. This isn’t as much a feel-good read as it is a practical guide to making your business profitable. Realizing the goal of getting practical practices into the hands of the entrepreneurial spirits, it’s both exciting and consistent with Miller’s BMSU organization. It’s a book I plan to give to clients as they pursue increasing profits through Business Made Simple resources. 


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