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3 Thoughts On Content Strategy

Monday, March 28th
Entertain, inform, or shut up. Content means something different to everyone on the internet; unfortunately, it means something pretty similar to all the online marketers. To us, it’s a trend, it’s a way to get eyeballs where we want them and clicks where they’re worth the most. Your typical Internet user is disinterested-- at best,… [ Read More ]

9 Ways To Make Social Media Work For Your Business

Monday, March 28th
The key for a small business when it comes to social media is to create content that customers and potential customers will engage with again and again, something that’s meaningful to a sizable group or makes people think. There’s a difference between content that’s just interesting and content that people want to share with their… [ Read More ]

How To Market Your Business With Social Media

Monday, March 21st
The most unique thing about social media is the freedom users have to share information, whether it’s their own original content or someone else’s. Sharing is hard-wired into the structure of the internet, and as a result, social platforms are built around promoting ideas that people consider “worth spreading.” (Thanks TED.) It starts with structure.… [ Read More ]

Social Media for Small Business: Instagram, Part II

Monday, March 14th
1.Show off your work. I touched on this in Part I, but some more specific examples are needed. If you don’t have a dedicated marketing team or ad agency, your communication with customers is going to be limited. And that’s okay! What doesn’t take much creativity is posting “behind-the-scenes” photos at your business. People love… [ Read More ]

Mobile Advertising For Small Business: What Is Geofencing?

Monday, March 7th
Geofencing is creating a digital perimeter that corresponds to a physical location. A fun example is a wireless dog collar that mildly shocks dogs or tracks their locations when they leave the geofenced area. Alright, maybe the dog doesn’t think it’s fun, but hopefully the reduced neck strain makes it worthwhile in the dog’s mind. … [ Read More ]

Social Media For Small Business: Instagram, Part I

Monday, March 7th
  This post is for those who want some inspiration on how companies are already using the platform and how their company can be successful doing the same. Let’s take a look at some examples of how you can start right away. 1.Promote your customers with pictures and video. There are many ways you could… [ Read More ]

Free Tools To Optimize, Automate, And Enhance Your Online Presence

Tuesday, February 23rd
Being the savvy internet user you are, you’re probably used to the sometimes strange way things work on the internet. Information is power, a competitive advantage, and entire industries. SaaS is replacing people as a service. Domain names can be more valuable than a physical address. And most importantly: giving something away for free is… [ Read More ]

The World: Reviewed

Tuesday, February 23rd
What if you could review… everything? (And make your reviews scientific, accurate, and useful?) That’s exactly the question that one Seattle-based company,, is asking. This company is on a quest to compare products of all kinds systematically. At, a team of just 8 has made it their mission to “personally explore the best.”… [ Read More ]

How Bad Is A One-Star Restaurant Review?

Thursday, February 4th
We’ve all been burned by a bad experience at a restaurant, whether it was literally, by a scalding hot cup of coffee, or maybe figuratively, by a dishonest waitress. Some of us have been so disappointed by bad food or service that we took to Yelp, Google, or any of the dozens of review sites… [ Read More ]

The Perils Of Fake SEO

Thursday, February 4th
Times are tough for small business owners, who have to deal owning, operating, hiring, filing, and all the other “-ing”s that come with a business. One of those is “optimizing,” as in “Search Engine Optimizing,” aka SEO, which has its own complications on the web. Reaching customers online is a challenge, and making sure customers… [ Read More ]