All the Ways We Protect and Optimize Your Website

by Tim H.

The days of building a website and sticking it on a server and letting it sit there are long gone. On average, there are 30,000 websites hacked every day. Hackers are constantly looking for vulnerabilities in websites and are so sophisticated now that they can automate attacks on thousands of websites at one time. If your business relies on its website to attract new customers, then having fully managed website hosting and maintenance is a must. works hard to ensure all of our websites are fully secure and optimized for top performance through:

Performance (Our Primary Focus)

  • Hosted with Google Cloud Hosting featuring self-repair. Google Cloud Hosting means that your load times and overall performance on your website is excellent.
  • Protected/distributed with Cloudflare CDN (Content Delivery Network). CDN is a high performance delivery network that speeds up delivery of your assets on your website.
  • Separate production and staging environments for major updates or site changes to ensure your website maintains maximum uptime.

Backups (Peace of Mind)

  • Daily backups with 30 Day Onsite Backup archive.
  • Quarterly Offsite and Amazon Backups. We backup all websites to a physical hard drive and we back them up in a separate Amazon cloud. The benefit to our backup system is that if anything happens to your site, we are able to restore it in a matter of hours or less.

Security (Peace of Mind)

  • Complete resource isolation. You don’t share any resources with another one of our clients. This means that any vulnerabilities from another site in our cloud will not affect you because each website is running in its own separate environment.
  • SSL Certificates are included and updated automatically. Many website hosting providers will charge $100 a year or more for SSL Certificates, but we include it as part of our hosting service.
  • Weekly updates for minor plugin/version updates, On-demand updates for any known vulnerability. We make sure that all of the code on your website is up to date each week and we perform on-demand updates if a high-priority vulnerability is detected.
  • Wordfence firewall and monitoring. Wordfence blocks nearly all WordPress security vulnerabilities and bans users that are identified as trying to break into your website.

Monitoring (Going Forward)

  • Monitoring through site hosting and 3rd party. We have an internal system in our hosting and a 3rd party service that we rely on that is constantly checking to make sure your website is live and available.
  • Google Search Console monitoring for any search abnormalities or issues. We check to see if any issues are detected with the way Google views your website. This can directly impact your rankings on Google Search.

At, we take care of everything when it comes to your website so that you don’t have to.

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