6 Reasons Your Business May Need A New Website

by Kyle Rhodes | Graphic Designer

Sometimes we end up holding onto our belongings for too long. For example, we might have an old pair of shoes, a balding set of tires, or a worn out toothbrush that is way past its prime. But we don’t bother replacing it because it still technically functions and we’re attached to it. Oftentimes, our website can be the exact same way. Even though our website is functioning, it could be performing better. We don’t want to invest in a website redesign. But it might be time to face the fact that it needs to be done.

A website redesign is often no small investment, but it’s one that will pay off in the long run. Your prospect’s first impressions of your company will be based on what they see on your website. The importance of an effective, modern, and user friendly website cannot be overstated. But, if you’re not sure if investing in a website redesign is the right move for you, here are six reasons why it could be time to invest in a website redesign.

1. It Looks Outdated and Off-Brand

The most common reason to update your website is because it is visually dated or not presenting your brand or company in the best way possible. Let’s face it, people will always judge a book by its cover. It’s just human nature. This is why it is so vitally important that your website represents your company and your brand in a way that is professional and modern. In today’s digital marketing climate, sometimes all we have is a matter of seconds to create a good first impression with a potential customer. So it is crucial that your website makes them want to choose you instead of a competitor.

2. You Want to Convert More Leads

Maybe the appearance of your website is good enough, but your website still is not converting prospects into leads or customers. If so, it might be time to consider redesigning your landing page to have a clear call to action directing the user to make contact with your company. On top of that, your website needs to be set up with a sales funnel to generate consistent leads. It doesn’t really matter how great your site looks if it isn’t effectively set up to convert leads.

3. Not Mobile-Optimized or Responsive

According to HostingFacts.com, today “75.1% of U.S. internet users access the internet via mobile (rather than desktop).” Encountering a site that isn’t mobile friendly can be really frustrating for the user. And yet, many companies are still not optimizing their website for mobile. Some people think it isn’t important to be mobile responsive, because they don’t realize their customers are primarily using mobile phones. If your website isn’t mobile friendly, it will severely hurt your Google search ranking. This will stop customers from ever finding your website in the first place.

4. Users Are Confused By Your Navigation

KoMarketing’s 2015 Web Usability report shows that after landing on your website from a referral source, 50% of users utilize the navigation bar to orient themselves. Your site navigation is how users will be able to access and explore your website. But if it is not designed well, or if they can’t find it, your customers won’t be able to find what they are looking for. They will probably decide to look for another business who can clearly meet their needs and has clear navigation.

5. Long Load Times

Another important sign that you need a website redesign is slow to load. According to Kissmetrics‘ analytics, “40 percent of consumers will abandon a website that takes more than three seconds to load”. That is a significant percentage of users that will quickly give up on your website and try another company simply because of load time. Google will also take your load time into account when it determines your search ranking. The bottom line is if your site loads slowly, you will be losing potential customers.

6. You Need to Re-Think Your Marketing Message Strategy

The final reason it might be time to redo your website is this: Your marketing message isn’t clear, clean and powerful. People read words before they buy products. People use words to search online. Without a strong marketing message, your impact is limited. Clarifying who your customer is, who you are, and how you benefit their lives is the first step of effective online marketing. 

Is it Time to invest in your website?

If your website needs help with any of these six critical issues, it might be time to consider if you need to redesign. Our team at bizmktg.com is well equipped to help you with redesigning your website. Book a free consultation today to learn more about how an effectively designed website can significantly boost your business.

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