5 Podcasts We Like Right Now

by Peter Wilson | President

If you’re like us, you’re always on the lookout for a great new podcast to listen to. Here are five of our favorites right now. Note that we’ve included a link to one of our favorite episodes of each podcast.

At the Table Podcast with Patrick Lencioni

Get ready to unlock your inner leader! Take a seat at the table with esteemed business expert Patrick Lencioni and explore all aspects of work, from teams to culture. His most famous works (and two of our favorite books on leadership) are “The Five Dysfunctions of a Team” and “The Ideal Team Player,” which focus on the importance of teamwork and how to build effective teams.

Episode: Rehire your people

Nudge – Behavioural Science Simplified

Not a typical business podcast, Nudge is fast-paced but still insightful with real-world examples that you can apply. Concise and to the point, there’s an MBA’s worth of insight in every show. 

Episode: The scientific secrets of perfect timing (feat. Dan Pink)

Dare to Lead with Brené Brown

Are you ready to lead with courage? Listen in and get inspired by Brené Brown’s Dare to Lead podcast, based on her bestselling book of the same name! Whether it’s solo episodes or invigorating conversations with change-catalysts and culture-shifters, this powerful show is all about taking action for a better world. Take up the challenge – dare yourself today!

Episode: Leadership Is a Relationship, Part 1 of 2 with Mike Erwin

The Business of Story Podcast with Host Park Howell

The goal of the show is to help sales and marketing leaders excel through the stories they tell.  Each episode brings you the brightest storytelling content creators, advertising creatives, authors, screenwriters, makers, marketers, and brand raconteurs that show you how to craft and tell compelling stories that sell. 

Episode: The Art of Soulful Persuasion Through Brand Storytelling

The Way I Heard It with Mike Rowe

In The Way I Heard It, Mike Rowe gives a different take on a variety of topics—from pop culture to politics, history to Hollywood, each mystery is a trueish tale about someone you know, filled with facts that you don’t. Delivered with Mike’s signature blend of charm, wit, and ingenuity, these stories are part of a larger mosaic—full of surprising revelations, sharp observations, and intimate, behind-the-scenes moments drawn from Mike’s own life and career.

Episode: Give Me a Sink Plunger and I’ll Save the World

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