13 ways to get more online reviews

Greg at LocalSearchForDentists.com put up a great list of 13 ways to get more online reviews from patients.  It is a great list…now if you can just find the time to do them all.

Here are the first three.

Here are your 13 ways to get more online reviews (not ranked in any particular order):

  1. Organic method—making sure your business is listed on as many third-party sites as possible, so that customers can find you if they feel like writing reviews spontaneously.
  2. Links or clickable images on your site—something that patients who return to your site can click on to write you reviews.
  3. Single-page handouts—a sheet of instructions you can simply hand to customers, which walks them through how to post a review.

Go here to see the full list 13 ways to get online reviews